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Business Lighting

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Use our Energy Savings Calculator to see how much you can save in a year just by making the switch to energy 
saving lighting.

Spectral Energy Distribution (6500k) Day Light Spectral Energy Distribution (2800K) Warm White

        Color temperature is 6500K, with two types of light
        color: transparent and pure white. It feels cool and is
        perfect for application in restaurants, stores, baby
        rooms, and as summer lighting.

     Color temperature is 2800K, with light color as serene
     as the light of the setting sun. Residences, shops, and
     hotels can create tranquil and romantic environments
     when they use this product.

Enjoyable Natural Light, Creates Pleasant Space, A Great Performance for You

The LEP triphosphor-lamp tube, made of highly efficient fluorescent material, can produce brilliant color (Ra=~86) through three tense spectrums of red (611nm), green (543nm), and blue (452nm). And through the distinguished human optic nerve, it can display natural light that is more efficient than ordinary fluorescent lamps. Thus, the lighted objects will become real, clear, and vivid. The LEP triphosphor-lamp tube, based on the light color temperature and in accordance with the lighting design, has different light colors for you to choose from. Create fanciful, unique, and beautiful spaces to show off your individual taste.

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