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Lux Electronic Products Mission

We are committed to providing businesses and consumers with energy efficient and superior performing products. We are committed to saving our customers money, as well as improving the performance of each product we manufacture. 
We work on the principle of savings in two distinct ways:

  • Environmentally, our products our efficient, last longer, and require less energy.

  • Financially, our products are proven to significantly lower energy costs and save you money.

As a leader in the fluorescent lighting industry, Lux Electronic Products holds several patents worldwide, while being on the forefront of innovation, design, and performance, with low cost lighting solutions.

Lux Electronic Products Factories

With factories located in Taiwan and Shanghai, we are a specialized manufacturer of compact fluorescent lamps. We maintain fully integrated operations and strict QC measures in all aspects of production. Our outstanding quality has led to OEM/ODM cooperation with world famous brands.
Factory Locations:  Taiwan and Shanghai
Number of Employees:  200
Business Types:  ODM Manufacturer 
OEM Manufacturer 

View a tour of one of our factories. Simply right click on the link below and select "Save Target As.." Please note that the size of this file is very large and download time will depend on your Internet connection.

Factory Tour Video (155MB)

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